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"You don't have time to worry about whether you hired the right person to win the bid. That's why we're here."

Sara Jane (SJ) Baublitz and Whitney Kippes met when we were the two youngest and most recent hires at an international relief and development agency. Bonding over our ongoing fight against millennial stereotyping, SJ and Whitney worked on business development and relationship management before eventually going their separate ways.


In 2019 we reunited to form Bid Boss Consulting. At that point, we'd come to value the twenty collective years of experience as what it was - a valuable asset. We had also both faced very real burnout and the intense toll that years spent in business development and proposal management can take.


In spite of that, we’ve continued to love doing the work.


In a profession where the expectation is that folx burnout within two years in business development and move on, our long-time love affair with bids is rare. And it made us wonder - What are we losing every time we have to recruit and train a new person? And why do we accept high turnover as a given? 

Bid Boss Consulting offers a three pronged approach to help business development teams win more while avoiding burnout. First, we're here as surge support for teams’ ongoing capture and proposal needs. Second, we offer structural, strategic solutions to help your team build skills and find the efficiency needed to up your win rate. Third, our focus on coaching offers and outlet to help your team members rekindle their own business development love affair and stave off burnout. Ultimately, we want you to win more and avoid burnout.

Our Values

Bid Boss seeks to invest in gratitude, celebration, and exuberance.

Whitney and SJ’s collected wisdom from collaborating with organizations small and large over the years came together as Bid Boss’s mission to help clients win more and avoid burnout. Our values reflect our priority to help the people behind our client's missions to serve communities around the world.

Valuing community over competition

Overcoming imposter syndrome

You are more than your work

Business development professionals have to see the value in the journey, not the destination - especially because that destination is so often beyond our control.

Bid Boss seeks to invest in gratitude, celebration, and exuberance.

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