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Team Coaching to Build Better Development  

Why do teams within international development need coaching?

Teams that learn together perform together.


It's an investment in the ripple effect, setting your team apart to prioritize their development, talent, skills, and well-being. Bid Boss's team building workshops and coaching programs are designed for customization, action, and accountability within a framework that is designed to amplify and lift up not only the individual, but your whole team.


Customized sessions in-person and remote are based on your team's specific goals. I will never forget sitting down with a senior international development professional early in my career. I excitedly shared that I landed a job on a business development team – a position I thought would be a perfect fit for my entrepreneurial mindset, where I could help design massive international development programs to deliver incredible impact in the most vulnerable parts of the world. Instead of being met with enthusiasm, my role model said

“Wow. I’ll be really impressed if you make it more than two years. We basically just burn through our new business team every couple of years. That’s not a sustainable career path, so keep your eye out for when to move.”

Can you imagine setting someone up to believe they would fail like that?

The thing is – she wasn’t wrong.


The ones that see this investment as more than a morale boost, but rather a crucial element of employee engagement, growth, and well-being, which in turn improves every aspect of the bottom line. 

As a result, I was able to build the career I wanted, doing the work that I love. I was able to create the boundaries I needed to protect what was most important to me. And I was able to deliver the thing that mattered most to my clients: high quality proposals and proposal services that delivered wins and the long term impact that they wanted to have in the world.

At the same time, I continued to see my own struggles reflected in the faces of the new business coordinators and managers I was working in partnership with.


Seeing them suffer struck a chord in me and made me rethink what international development professionals really need to have careers that they see as successful.


I saw these entry- and mid-level professionals – mostly women and many people of color – struggle with how they could navigate challenging conversations, manage competing priorities, and deal with the demanding expectation placed on their shoulders by ambitious development targets set down by senior leaders.


As a professional coach, trained by the CoachDiversity Institute, I have the skills to get to the deepest issues that prevent us all from reaching our professional development goals. With my own history, I'm uniquely positioned to help you navigate the intersection of technical competencies, management skills, and emotional intelligence to build the career you want.

How does coaching work?

In order to create the future you want, we start with defining what you want to achieve and what improvements need to be made if you want to reach and exceed your long-term goals. We'll get into your motivation and why this goal is important to you, explore your core values, and conduct a leadership growth assessment.

Then, I ask powerful questions to guide you while you try different approaches and test out new ways of thinking about old problems. Our goal in working together should be to find out what works for you - not what worked for me.

Coaching relies on asking questions and observation. This allows me to facilitate inquiry, allowing you the opportunity to address specific or individual issues. The goal is to give you the perspective and action plans that will continually support you in your personal or career growth long after our work together is complete.

This whole process is held within an environment designed to prioritize trust, safety, and confidentiality, in alignment with the ICF Code of Ethics.

Although my lived experiences as a white, queer, cis woman may limit my perspective, my training through the CoachDiversity Institute as a Certified Professional Diversity Coach give me the tools to approach issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion in a way that can truly create change. 

I am ready to be your partner in change. 

Now I have just one question for you:

What do you need to move forward?

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How long does the coaching relationship last?

My coaching plans are based on the data that the coaching relationship should extend for at least six 45-minute long sessions. Evidence has shown that six sessions is the minimum we likely need to create real impact and transformation. 

That's why I recommend that all my clients purchase my 120-day intensive package. That's six sessions you can use over the course of six months. 

For clients looking for longer-term support or dealing with a more extensive challenge in the workplace, I recommend the long-term support package, which includes 12 sessions you can use over the course of thirteen months.

Still have questions?

That's totally fine. We live in a world where coaching is still new to most people. Doing your due diligence is important. 

Whether you have questions about how to secure funding for coaching, or just want to see if we're a good fit, please set up a coaching consultation and we can talk through everything together.