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Expert Advising

When building a new business development strategy, an outside set of eyes can help you see what is most important. At Bid Boss, with a view spanning more than 50 humanitarian and international development organizations, we have seen what works (and what doesn't).


Strategic advising can be a great tool to complement your ongoing annual work plan and opportunity prioritization process. We like to design these efforts to fit exactly what you need. Because those needs can vary, the examples below highlight just a few of the ways we can help. 

Working on a Computer

Proposal Review

Bid Boss will conduct a review of your previous submissions, including donor feedback, to give you our expert perspective.

Team Structure Advice

We can help you hire and onboard your first dedicated new business staff person or assess your existing team to identify future hiring needs.

Strategy Assessment

We will review your existing business development strategy to raise questions, give suggestions, and identify areas for support or capacity building.

Training Assessment

Bid Boss can deliver our tested business development skills test for your staff, identifying assets and areas for future training and development.

Landscape Research

Our team can conduct research on the overall funding landscape in a particular country, region, or targeted sector to ensure you miss nothing.

Planning Facilitation

We can facilitate a planning session, workshop, or retreat aimed at improving your new business development outcomes, tailored to your needs.


Consider joining one of our industry leading peer support networks to build authentic connections and learn alongside your peers. Our featured networks are built around cohorts. Learn more here.


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