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Y'all are nothing if not diligent about finding the right support. That's a good thing! Hopefully this page helps answer some of your questions.

Will you help us identify funding opportunities?

The Bid Boss Team specializes in supporting our clients in the business development cycle after the donor or specific opportunity has already been identified. When you do need support at the identification stage, we strongly recommend working our friends at Connective Impact. Similarly, if you need support understanding how to approach partnership development, including building relationships with funders or private sector partners, Connective Impact is a great resource. 

How does your consultants work with my team? 

We work with a small team of about 20 carefully vetted consultants who have expertise in capture, proposal management, technical writing, and other key skills that our Clients need to both meet short-term surge needs and for long-term support in strategy and capacity building.


We aim to match the scope of our support to your needs, whether it’s something small like a technical writer just to jump in on some annexes, or a full consultant team with management, writing, and budget support. Our writers can also draw on our in-house expertise, like building in a review of the proposal’s gender components with a GESI expert or even providing a final copy edit. We love to take a collaborative approach to supporting our Clients while still providing a seamless interface that helps make less work for you.


Our team is totally comfortable jumping into your organization’s structures and processes to manage proposals and use technology to connect. And, if you’re thinking about refreshing your business development processes, we can help assess and recommend changes, too!

Do you only work in international development?

Primarily, yes, as this is the shared background of our entire Bid Boss team. We specialize in donors and funders in the global development landscape, like USAID, Department of State (PRM, DRL, and others), USDA Food for Progress and Food for Education programs, CDC, European Union funders, United Nations and other multilaterals, FCDO and other country-specific bi-laterals, World Bank group, foundations (major and small family foundations), and corporate social responsibility and shared value funding.

We serve both non-profit and mission-driven companies or social enterprises seeking funding from any of these sources.

What technical sectors do you support?

Our team of proposal writers and design facilitation experts represent a range of technical sector areas including agriculture, economic growth, education, entrepreneurship, food security, governance, humanitarian assistance, and health.
We also have gender equity and social inclusion technical support baked into all of our proposal support, which is designed to mesh with Clients’ in-house gender strategy and expertise and respond to donor requirements. And our team includes monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) specialists who can support the MEL component of your proposal and MEL section writing.

What's your win rate?

Our win rate sits between 10-20 points above the industry standard of about 30%. So many factors can influence the probably of winning for the individual opportunity you’re considering, though! We’re always here to talk strategy if you’re working to increase your organizational win rate.

How early in the process should we call you? (i.e., how far in advance do you get booked up?)

We recommend that you reach out for bid support as soon as you know that you will need support. The sooner that we know, the better. We are completely accustomed to the way donor timelines can shift, so we’re always happy to work with you to make a support plan early and adapt it as new information from the donor arises.

Due to high volume of requests, we generally prioritize offering USAID support when we can get started before the solicitation is released. Even if you don’t need capture phase support from us, it helps our consultants give you the best work possible if we’re able to begin planning with you before a proposal is live.

Can you help us develop a budget?

Absolutely! We have cost proposal experts on our team with experience creating budgets and budget narratives for a variety of donors. We can also help you with developing a suite of budget templates or understanding U.S. government contract rules and regulations if you are new to that process.

Do you support proposal recruitment?

Because this is such a specialized skill, this is currently the one part of the proposal development process we do not support. But we'll help you think through recruitment strategy as part of our capture management and advising support, and then for full recruitment needs we recommend working with our friends at Head Global.

How are your rates structured?

Typically we work based on hourly rates, which vary depending on the expertise of the individual required to fulfill the work request and are in line with prevailing rates. According to client preference, we can also work under a fixed price contract, especially for projects like design workshop facilitation, strategy support, and customized trainings.


One other option that you may not have considered - when you have a vacant position on your business development team, we can provide coverage using a retainer model. This guarantees you a minimum hours of support each month to cover any of the daily tasks that would normally be covered by a business development team member.
We do not work based on a performance- or win-based renumeration model, but we do offer a sliding scale option for organizations based in the Global South.

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