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Our Story

From Burnout to Bossin'

SJ Baublitz and Whitney Kippes started Bid Boss as an escape from the burnout of years working in institutional donor fundraising at international relief and development organizations.

Despite the burnout, we both still loved doing the work of business development. Today, we have grown a team of our favorite kind of experts—the kind who can help you win while maintaining healthy boundaries (and encouraging your team to do the same). 

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Three Women

Together with our team of incredible consultants, we bring decades of experience in business development roles at humanitarian and international development organizations. We know our client organizations are navigating an increasingly competitive fundraising environment. Ambitious growth goals are pushing teams to the limit, yet retaining top talent means investing in the long-term health and well-being of diverse global teams.

This problem requires a two-pronged approach: the capture and proposal support to get today's bid out the door and the training and coaching solutions to strengthen your team in the long term.

At Bid Boss, we are committed to providing high-quality consultants who can serve as expert proposal team members, seasoned advisors on strategy and process, and certified trainers and coaches. We may have started as a small but mighty partnership of two, but today the staff members behind the scenes are the ones making all the magic happen for our clients.

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Our Values

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Bid Boss seeks to invest in gratitude, celebration, and exuberance.

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