• Whitney Kippes

Top 5 most popular posts from 2018

This year was the year that blogging finally clicked for me. I started to figure out the right balance where I could share my insights and provide value to my clients. While it's been a struggle to stay consistent, I'm thankful of the response I've been getting.

Writing has been a great tool to help me continue to learn, by documenting the lessons I'm learning along the way and sharing those lessons with you. Fortunately, it seems to be resonating!

Here are the top 5 most popular articles I've written this year.

5. 5 Tips to Avoid Burnout in Business Development

With the number of business development folks I talk to who threaten to walk out on a daily basis, I know burnout is major issue in our industry. It's hard, time consuming, politicized, and pressurized work we do. Managing that stress needs to be a top priority if you're going to make a career in this field.

4. In Support of Color Team Reviews

Sometimes the right article can just really set me off. This time it was a piece from a business development expert cutting down the practice of using color team reviews. I felt compelled to jump to their defense (not something I thought I would ever do). I conceded a few failures in implementation, but in general I think that color team reviews are here to stay.

3. 10 Tips for Writing a Winning Proposal

One of those continuous questions I get asked is how to help staff to become better proposal writers. I've spent a lot of time thinking about this subject, so it's nice to see that my writing on it was among the most popular pieces of this year. I think that there is still a lot left unsaid. How would you feel about a training on writing winning proposals?

2. Realities of Proposal Travel

After completing my first work-related travel in years, it was nice to spend a little time reflecting on the value I can bring to a proposal team in the field. It was a different experience, and one that I don't think I'll be replicating in the immediate future, but I appreciated the opportunity to reconnect with my international development roots.

1. Welcome to Website 2.0!

It feels somehow fitting that the most popular post of 2018 was the announcement sharing that after two years on my old site, I migrated to a new platform and new website design. This took a lot of effort behind the scenes, and it was a big deal for me! I'm proud of the new look, and I'm glad that folks were interested as well.