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Ask a Boss: LOS/LOC/L-O-what?

Dear Bid Boss,

What’s the difference between a letter of support and a letter of commitment? Are they interchangeable, or just different donors using different preferred terms?

--Too Many Letters


Dear Letters,

Indeed they are different.

Letter of Support is written support of the proposed project from someone who will not be a direct part of the project. For example, you might get one from the local government, an NGO implementing a complementary project, or a professional association. Whoever is writing it, they’re saying that you’ve advised/consulted them about the project, and they support the project being funded.

Letter of Commitment is a commitment from a partner, sub or proposed personnel saying that if the project is funded, they’ll be taking part in it as written.

If the donor would like either of these types of letters with the proposal package, they will advise you in the solicitation. Generally, I don’t recommend submitting them unless they’re requested especially because they can be misinterpreted in different cultural settings and may set expectations that will not be met.

In both cases, I DO recommend sending out a template for the signee to fill in and sign. You’ll get much better results (and sooner) if you minimize the ask.

To your better bids,



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