• Whitney Kippes

Bid Boss has feelings about WorkwithUSAID.org

In a unveiling of emerging USAID policy during Administrator Samantha Power's remarks at briefing last Thursday that I would not have learned about if I wasn't super active on LinkedIn (Whitney Kippes - hit me up if we aren't already connected 😊), USAID's officially launched the website WorkwithUSAID.org (that .org is interesting - as the holder of USAID's Partnerships Incubator, The Kaizen Company is managing the site).

USAID paired the launch of the website - designed to be a globally accessible (in English only) resource for "innovative services" and "curated tools" designed to connect partners to peers and experts and prepare to pursue USAID funding - with the launch of a very visibly active LinkedIn Group where you can actually connect with and get responses from USAID communications staff.