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Boss-to-Boss: Your Team is Waiting

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

Since October of 2021, Sara Jane and I have been piloting an effort to build more community and connection within the Clubhouse and we're excited to finally officially announce that we're opening up the group for members!

We knew that so many of us feel alone in our stresses and struggles. What we didn't know was how much that drives burnout.

When we surveyed business development professionals at the start of 2022, y'all told us that chronically unrealistic workloads, dysfunctional workplace dynamics, and the impossibility of balancing your work and personal lives were the biggest drivers of burnout and motivations to change jobs.

The reality is that no new job is going to take away all of the stresses of a career in business development. The constant competition and never-ending pursuit is set up to burn through people.

Personally, I made it four years before I burnt out. By the time I walked away from my full time business development role, I was an anxious, depressed shell of my former self. I couldn't sleep at night, I was constantly angry, and I was so defensive I couldn't manage the most basic technical competencies that I knew like the back of my hand. It's no wonder I wasn't getting the advancement opportunities I was seeking.

It took another failed business development role and a few solid years of freelancing to realize an interesting truth: I still love the work.

All of those things that inspired me starting out – the design thinking, the problem solving, the potential for impact – were still keeping me motivated and inspired.

I just didn’t have the support I needed to feel confident and set up for success.

That's why we are so excited to be launching a new, completely one of a kind service for the international development industry.

The Boss-to-Boss Peer Support Network

Boss-to-Boss is the only community of its kind, founded by global development experts for new business development professionals just like you.

The Boss-to-Boss Peer Support Network fosters authentic relationships, aids you in right-sizing proven strategies, and ensures that approaches support the wellbeing of your team.

Hear it from our current members!

As a member, you get access to individual coaching, peer mentoring and support, and access to exclusive content, workshops, and training.

Currently, we are recruiting members for the following cohorts:

  • B2B for Leaders - for team leaders who are navigating high expectations while fully supporting their staff as whole people

  • B2B for Solo & Small Teams - for our execs and BD team members navigating BD on teams of fewer than four people

  • B2B for Parents - for all BD team members trying to figure out their changing balance of priorities

One thing these cohorts have in common? They're all designed to respond directly to the interests and needs of member of the cohort.

You name your priorities, concerns, and challenges, and we work together as a team to figure out the best solutions. Past topics the cohorts have discussed include: managing capture during COVID-19, conducting landscape research, understanding donor priorities, navigating partnerships, identifying competitors, and tools for decision making.

Together, cohort members strategize, practice skills, and support each other in building sustainable careers as business development professionals. With the support of our peers, we really can win more and avoid burnout.

With access to over 50 hours of face-time with Bid Boss Consultants, the value of Boss-to-Boss membership is over $4,800.

Because we care about building community so much, we're giving it to you at less than 1/10th the value. We also want to help you make the argument to your leadership to cover the costs, so we did some legwork for you.

Download the info sheet below 👇

Boss-to-Boss Info Sheet
Download PDF • 1.76MB

Check out a sample email for how to ask your supervisor for funding.

Participant Sponsorship - Boss to Boss
Download DOCX • 20KB

PS - Check out this BONUS!!

For everyone who joins a Boss-to-Boss cohort using the annual payment option will automatically gain access to our An Overview of Color Team Reviews course at no cost! We're happy to include this $59.99 course with your annual Boss-to-Boss membership at no cost to you!


What's next?

If you're getting ready to join, but aren't sure if this is the best fit for you, find some time on my calendar to talk it through. I want to answer any questions that you have about what's included, which cohort would be the best fit, and help you get the most out of the program.

If you're ready to join now - just click here to get on the list!

Once you indicate which cohort is best suited to you, you'll get an email with information on benefits, costs, and how to sign-up.

Stay tuned for many more new cohorts and training offerings here in the Bid Boss Clubhouse!


Share *one* thing that resonated with you from this in the comments! 👇

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