• Gretchen King

Enabling Localization and Locally Led Development: What do you think needs to change?

On November 4th, during a speech at Georgetown University, USAID Administrator Samantha Power further detailed and cemented her priorities at USAID for the Biden Administration.

Administrator Power discussed several topics ranging from increased work with the private sector to COVID-19 response. However, as a long-time advocate and researcher around locally led development and the increased localization of aid funding, I was very interested in the new agency goals. These goals included giving 25% of funding to local actors by the end of Biden’s first term and incorporating more local input into 50% of programming by the end of the decade—something that might not be in Administrator Power’s control depending on the 2024 election outcome.

USAID Administrator Samantha Power delivered a speech on her "new vision" for the agency on Nov. 4 at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images
USAID Administrator Samantha Power delivere