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Get That Money

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There is a narrative that we have been sold working in the development industry. Tell me if any of this sounds familiar:

  • I’m doing this to make an impact, not because I want to get rich.

  • If I ask for more money, then there is less money for our programs.

  • I know our budget is tight, so I won’t ask for a raise this year.

  • My benefits/perks are really good, so I should be grateful.

This is what we've been referring to as the money vs. mission mindset and boy is it a doozey. It's what prevents a lot of us from asking for a raise. It's what forces a lot of us to fear losing our jobs, staying in jobs we hate just for the benefits.

At the base line - it's the belief that you have to suffer to do good work.


The truth is, there are people in the world who have made an incredible positive impact in the world without any suffering at all. It’s all about a mindset shift.

It’s a skill just like any other skills we’ve struggled with but then mastered (hello walking!). When we know why we are advocating for yourselves and what we can achieve when we no longer suffer, it’s easier to advocate for our needs because we see them as positive mindsets rather than fatal flaws in our character.

Back in 2021, Whitney sat down with Maggie Germano, a good friend and financial coach for women, to unpack exactly how it is that the money vs. mission mindset came about and how to make the mindset shifts that will help you break out of that cycle.

You can catch their whole conversation here . The bottom line?

Wanting to make a living in this world is not inherently at odds with doing valuable and meaningful work. This is not selfish. It is a reasonable expectation to want to be compensated for what you are worth.


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