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Maybe you don't see an immediate connection between what your day-to-day looks like and that big picture change you want to see in the world and the fraudy feelings we started out talking about in Bosscraft, but it can be hard to own your career, choices, and future when you're tied up with self-doubt and uncertainty.

What's most important, both for talking down that belittling voice in your head and making that kickass next step is just that you don't give up.

At Bid Boss, we love to talk about the challenge of constantly putting our proposal fires and mindset shifts that can help you move past that. If you want your day-to-day to align with your big picture values and motivations, you will have to face those feelings head on.

Do you want the work you do day-to-day to proudly say what you care about? Do you want to live the big picture change you want to see in the world?

Of course you do! And even if you're feeling insecure about how you can impact big change, you can envision how authentic leadership could reflect how amazing you are.


These days, if you're working in business development, you're almost guaranteed to be working long hours on stressful deadlines. And there isn't a lot of time to cultivate relationships that go beyond a simple proposal-related transaction.

If you want to build authentic adult relationships (and networks 🤮), and you're a busy ass person, there just aren't that many ways to do it. But those relationships can be the difference between feelings stuck and knowing that you have a community pulling for you.

Our Boss-to-Boss communities are small cohorts of dedicated business development professionals who care more about community than they do about competition - and want to share what they've learned to help others succeed.

Talk about living your values, the Boss-to-Boss community is one way that we're living ours.


There was undoubtedly a lot of loss during the pandemic, but in losing so much we also gained - insight, appreciation, time. Now that things are "over" (again) (tosses salt), there's a lot of talk about returning to normal. But if normal wasn't serving you, why in the world are we returning to it?

Now is the time to consider what makes sense for you and how you can maintain what changes feel aligned to your values, and avoid falling back into old habits or routines that no longer support you.

Considering a different commute? Here's your how-to on biking . (podcast)

Living your values means valuing yourself. So start the conversation about what you are worth (in a capitalistic social system). (article)

If not for you, why not for a friend? If you feel more comfortable helping a friend negotiate a raise than you do asking for your own, here's some language you can use . (article)

Sometimes you need a new approach. Test out Brené Brown's worksheet on how to live into your values . (worksheet)

You know what makes us feel boss? Crafting a home workspace that isn't temporary and taps into sustainable practices. Here's a list of sustainable desks to get you started . (article)

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