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Let the Sun Shine

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You can feel it, right? The energy is shifting and changing. We're heading into something new. That time of year when everything shines brighter and grows stronger and just takes on a little extra glimmer.

Every season has the potential to be a season of change.

Recently, I've been thinking a lot about the seasonality of life. How we plant things (ideas, habits, goals), nurture them through practice and patience, watch them reach their potential, and - eventually - see that season of our lives wane into rest.

That rest part breaks me a little bit.

My brain wants to be constantly in the first three seasons. It wants the new ideas, the struggle of growth, the abundance of reward. But rest? Not on my watch.


Fortunately or unfortunately, the fact that I don't want to rest does not make rest any less important or essential. Instead, the need for rest keeps creeping back up.

It's that sleepy feeling. That feeling like everything is harder than it should be. That feeling that no idea quite seems to pan out the way that I wanted to. It's this ingrained reminder that my body and my brain are not just perpetual motion machines.

Sure, working to develop a boss mindset is often about getting after it, but I need to remember (and probably many of y'all too) that the getting after it is going to be so much more successful and rewarding if I take the time to stop.

Instead, I feel like I'm running a marathon right after having run a marathon.

Listening to the call for rest is hard.

Resting can be harder still.

It is finally time to take on that challenge with the gusto you would any other goal.


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