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Values are such a messy business, right?

No matter how we much we try to articulate our individual or group values, there's always an uphill battle. At the core of it? That how we understand the words we use to describe our values isn't necessarily how others would understand those words.

Whether your values include words like calm or autonomy or kindness or reliability or growth or family - we are each going to understand our values a little bit differently.

Recently, we did a little refresh of the Bid Boss values , and with those new additions, it seems even more important to start naming and calling out what aligns with our values (and what doesn't). Because although some of our values (like "you are more than your work") are pretty well understood by many, others (like "together we can make magic") still need a bit of explaining.

The lovely thing is... the more that we explain our values, the more they become intrinsically linked to who we are, how we define what is important, and what we prioritize.

Values aren't meant to sit on a shelf.

No matter where you are or where you are going, let this be the push to name the values that will help you get there.


The beauty of humanitarian and global development is that no matter who is at the table, we're at that table because we want to make the world a better, more healthy, more satisfying, more equitable, more something place.

This is what is at the heart of "together, we can make magic." It's the togetherness of it all. It means valuing each and every individual's contribution to the bigger picture. It means understanding that no one of us can change this entire system on our own. And it means valuing those interpersonal relationships and connections not as how we get to where we are going, but as a worthwhile destination unto itself.

If you also needed this reminder, hop over to our Instagram let me know how in the comments this sits for you.


Part of exploring your values is getting to know yourself on a more intimate level. For me, this meant a lot of self-exploration and asking others how they define their own values, so I could see what resonated (and what didn't). Here are some ideas to get you started:

Do you need values? Only if they actual mean something to you. (article)

If you're burned out about corporate values here's someone who knows where you're coming from. (video)

Not sure what your values are? We've got a reflection tool you can use to narrow in on what is important to you. (worksheet)

Acting comes next. Because values don't sit on a shelf . (article)

Leading takes action. Operationalizing your organization's values is a whole separate kettle of fish. (article)


Want to feel more connected? Consider joining one of our Boss-to-Boss cohorts. These peer networks are designed to foster community in our inherently competitive world.

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