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Seasons of Self Care

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It’s okay to slow down. No seriously, slow down. You’re moving too fast.

We’re all moving way too fast right now. These busy seasons hit and suddenly make us feel like we have to accomplish everything all at once. But before you burn yourself you diving head first into the chaos, can I just casually suggest that you take a moment to pause instead?

What would it look like to make your busy season also your slowest season? A season of self-care. Think about what happens when you slow down. For me, I breathe deeper, make better decisions, make smarter decisions… just those moments of slowing down can make me feel a little more in tune with my long term desires.

The best part? When you slow down, you can sense the seasons start to change. You can feel something shifting inside you as each proposal drops and each time you hit submit. Most importantly, you can feel how those little shifts impact you.

Of course, none of this can happen when we’re chasing the next submission with no thought to strategy. We get caught up in the numbers game and the opportunity and forget about the opportunity cost of what happens when we forget to take care of ourselves – and our teams.


As much as we would love to never hear the word self-care ever again, it is a buzzword for a reason. The lovely bit about this? Self-care is entirely what you make of it. It’s literally anything you do to take care of yourself so that you can stay physically, mentally, and emotionally well. That means that there is a lot to it!

A while back in the Clubhouse we did a survey to try to find some of the strategies that many of your peers use as paths to self-care and it was beautiful to see how varied and how simple many are!

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Finding what self-care activities are most helpful to your overall wellness can take time and experimentation. The great news? There is no wrong answer here. The important piece is to remember to prioritize self-care especially during your busiest seasons.


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