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Self Care Classics

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We all know that self care is important and that it looks different for everyone.

But is there value in doing the old self-care staples just for the sake of doing them?

Case in point: I recently started getting my nails done.

Is this important self-care for my soul? Nah, I'm good. But it is adding just a little ounce more joy to my day to look down and witness watermelon nails for a few weeks!

Sometimes - especially when we're in a particularly difficult season of life and it seems like nothing is going to make things right - it's worth it to just return to the proscribed map of self-care, even if it's only to figure out what will work for us right now.

In the long term, doing a proscribed self-care task isn't going to bring you happiness if you don't enjoy it.

But the novelty factor of bringing back some self-care classic edition might be just enough to bring you a serotonin jolt.


When we're super busy or strapped for sleep (lookin' at you, parents), self-care can feel super out of reach. It can be hard to imagine adding a few simple things throughout your day/week/month could have any impact on your wellbeing.

Like, the idea just wouldn't enter your head.

So if you're in super strapped for positivity or time or peace mindset, allow this list to be your inspiration to test our whether a classic self-care activity may bring some joy:

  • Adopt a skincare regimen, even if that just means washing your face at the end of the day and luxuriating in your sunscreen every morning.

  • Nails up because a treat of a mani or pedi can force time to unplug, get you off your feet, mandate some socializing, and serve as a daily dose of joy (if you visit Maya , at least)

  • Get out to nature - but no sunburns please - this could be as simple as literally stopping to smell the roses (or take in the street art) on your commute

  • Waste some water with a steamy shower or soak

  • Write or draw what you're feeling as a momentary meditation or simply an injection of creativity into your typical day

  • Let someone touch you (ideally a professional) with a back and neck massage or scalp massage with a haircut

  • Read a book even if it take six months to finish because you can only squeeze in ten minutes on any given day (the library refunds those fees anyway)

  • Enjoy your coffee or tea by dedicating a bit more time to savoring the perfect cup, or simply taking three seconds to take a deep breath filled with that homey aroma

Some of these will bring you joy, some probably won't. That's fine. It's simply about looking to classics for inspiration and appreciating whatever pleasure comes your way.


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