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Sharing My 2021 Goals

Ready to know what my goals are for this year???

Considering I set my 2020 goals before we knew what a complete chaos machine the year would turn out to be, it wasn't a total disaster. Because I'm privileged to keep working from home and stayed relatively healthy, I was able to meet my income target, invest in my coaching certification, and make some improvements to my home. I wasn't able to accomplish some of my family / social / travel goals, but honestly, that's all just a wash anyway.

As I approached my 2021 goals, I wanted them to be as flexible as possible to feel motivated while understanding that circumstances or priorities may change - and that's a good thing!

So what are my 2021 goals?

I don't have them. Not in the same way I have in the past at least! I decided that instead of setting "by end of 2021" goals, I'd be the most successful forecasting for what I can already expect.

For me that's just the first 90 days.

I know that the first 90 days of 2021 will likely be a lot like most of 2020. Travel will be restricted. COVID-19 will be hanging around. My partner and I will continue to both work from home from our living room. My clients won't expect in-person support. Our online courses will likely stay popular. No big shake ups.

That level of certainty and stability made me feel comfortable setting some goals I feel like I can accomplish in the first 90 days of 2021. (P.S. Isn't 90 days like the perfect scale? Not too long to lose focus, not too short to actually complete something. I'm loving it.)

Here's what I've got down for myself:

  1. Keep journaling and going to therapy. This is how I stay sane in a complex time. It's also how I care for myself and keep growing as a person. Journaling was my big discovery of 2020, and I'm excited to have found a way to reconnect with writing - something I loved as a kid.

  2. Make time for friends. For me, a lot of my friendships were already long distance at the start of COVID. So I want to invest time in those relationships - whether that's a monthly Zoom call with my besties to see how they're doing, or a weekly game of Among Us with my sadly neglected board game group. And depending on how safe it is, I might just try to go for a pedicure with SJ or something.

  3. Move more than an hour a week. Y'all might not know, but between old injuries and just getting older (hello arthritis), my body is not always the supportive friend I'd like it to be. So movement is something I like to take week by week. I know that usually moving is helpful, so I'm keeping this loose and flexy - just an hour a week of whatever feels good at the moment. If I do more, awesome. If I can't meet it because of pain, also awesome. Listening to my body is the name of the game here.

  4. Finish the photo wall. Since we moved into our current place in 2018, I've had plans for a photo wall. Finally started in on it during COVID, so all that's left now is to hang the frames that are too high to reach without a ladder. Even partially complete it's bringing me a ton of joy, so I want to wrap that baby up!

  5. Meet by Q1 income target. Income is a fun game when you're self-employed. My Q1 income target is essentially one live proposal, a successful training launch, and a few coaching clients. I set this as a stretch from where I really want to land, as motivation, but it's totally attainable based on what I've got lined up right now.

That's it! That's enough for me. Enough to keep me motivated, focused, and not overwhelmed.

Maybe this feels like a lot to you. Or way too little.

The important thing is that it feels about right to me. If I'm able to accomplish these things, I'll feel like I achieved something. And if I don't - it will not say anything about my worth as a human being. It'll just mean that something didn't go to plan. And that's okay too.

Here's to a 2021 filled with flexible goals!


What comes next?

Setting goals for 2021 doesn't have to look the same that it did last year. And it doesn't have to feel like pressure or stress.

I'm excited to help folx make this the year of accomplishing what you can, while giving yourself as much grace as you need.

If you’d like to learn more about how to make your goals actionable in 2021, check out my 1:1 coaching page for more information.

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