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What do you want to get out of this year, boss?

Success. Grounding. Confidence. Growth.

Our first topic in the Bid Boss Clubhouse last year was all around settling into the new year and exchanging our goals and ambitions. And every year there’s a thread of intentions around growth and new energy and getting closer to some of our core goals that always fall by the wayside.

And every year we get a bit into the year and suddenly those goals have been hidden under a pile of the everyday fires that need to be put out right now.

There is so much potential within this year. Maybe it’s a good moment to come back to those goals.


With big goals, it can sometime be daunting to even start on a big, ambitious goal.

Looking down the bullseye of a giant undertaking can prompt a lot of emotions: fear, frustration, sadness, guilt, confusion. That blank-page syndrome can make even the most important and exciting goals feel impossible to achieve.

So instead of thinking about the whole hog, let’s make it smaller.

Let’s take the big beast and turn it into a tiny little baby project that you can make progress on today.

Maybe you want to learn a new language. That’s big. Scary. Hard to start. But could you download Duolingo today? And spend five minutes? Maybe that’s enough.

How would it feel to make progress on something important to you?

Some progress is better than no progress!

So start now. Start today. Find five minutes and make a tiny baby project that you can actually fit into the rest of your life.

Just start.


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