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Time to Go Inside

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There is a tendency in western cultures to prioritize logic and rationality above any other form of decision making - especially in any field that has been traditionally male-dominated. If you asked me at 18 or 20 or 28, I probably would have said that there wasn't another way to make decisions outside of rational thinking. (of course our project design frameworks helpfully reinforced that logic was king)

But today, I can say that I trust my own intuition at least as much as my ability to rationalize or logic into a solution.

Intuition at work is often simply tapping into an observation that seems clear to you and may not be obvious to others. The key to trusting your intuition is having the confidence in your own knowledge and experience to stop second-guessing your instincts and decide and move quickly.

Developing that confidence takes time, but when you have all the pieces in place, you can make magic.


When you're pushing against a lack of confidence, knowledge limitation, or imposter syndrome, it can make trusting your intuition seem like the worst idea possible. So what can we do to help ourselves trust our instincts?

Know it all. Or at least enough - in business development this means knowing industry standards, the specific donor, and the solicitation or donor guidance inside out.

Map it out. Understand all the moving pieces, whether that's seeing the competitive landscape or simply understanding how the various players on your team function best.

Decide and act. It is impossible to feel confident in your decision making if you don't risk making the wrong decision and just act. Failing fast is essential to that - act, let people tell you when you are wrong, and listen to learn what you should change next time.

The more often you repeat this cycle, the more experience you will have and the more confident you will feel in instinctively navigating challenges and responding to issues.


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