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As I'm writing this I'm enjoying a bit of summer boss life - answering some emails poolside. Nothing is more typically global development than working all the time, right?

But what struck me is how far I feel from actually being frustrated by this!

Instead, I feel like I'm embracing seasonal living, enjoying this time of year to the maximum while doing what I need to do to ensure my personal financial security. Knowing that answering some emails during this time when I'm supposed to be off feels fine and it will mean that tomorrow morning goes smoothly.

That's a balance I feel great about.

I'm curious how I can take this feeling into other seasons.

The vibe of summer is very outdoors, steamy, relaxed, but will I get the same feeling when the fall rolls in? Is there a fall equivalent of poolside?

For many of us, seasonal living is the missing link that helps life feel more flowing and fulfilling. Idk if it's that connection to nature or what, but connecting with that natural vibe just works sometimes!

But what does seasonal living look like at work?


As global dev professionals, we often have very limited control over our schedules. Whether it's waking up early for a meeting or jetting off with very little notice, it can feel challenging to connect with the natural rhythm of life when you don't have a natural rhythm.

Here are a few quick tips for how to embrace the season and connect with that bigger picture.

  • Align your day with the natural flow, getting up when the sun rises and winding down as the sun sets.

  • Embrace your green thumb with a house or balcony plant to see what it feels like to change with the seasons.

  • Get outside in whatever form makes sense that season - even just paying attention to the weather on your commute counts!

  • Join seasonal activities, eating and decorating with the season and participating in what events or activities feel like the season to you.

As always, this is the kind of list which works best when you take what you need and leave what you don't. Have other ideas? Reply to this email and maybe they can become part of a future Bosscraft newsletter!


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