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You're Worth It

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Our brains are liars, y'all.

There are so many ways that that organ in our heads is just messing with us - imposter syndrome, disempowering thoughts - it's like sometimes our brains get off on maintaining a constant negative diatribe about the world. (And when the world is being pretty shitty, it only gets louder)

Lately, it seems like comparison is just getting in amongst me.

There's the constant sense of comparing your worst day to other people's highlight reels (thanks Instagram ), but there's a second super distracting and unhelpful narrative related to comparison.

The sense that what everyone else excels at is more important / more worthy / more special than what you excel at.

When you surround yourself with amazing people, it's really easy to start seeing all the amazing things that they are great at and start thinking "damn, I wish I was great at that too."

But what's happening on the other end? Those amazing people are seeing exactly what you are great at and having the same experience.

We're all fighting an internal battle to push comparison down.


At Bid Boss we've got a go-to icebreaker that SJ loves to ask everyone:

What is your professional superpower?

My own is taking complex ideas and boiling them down to the core messages. SJ's is how she can project manage any task or idea into a concrete list of actionable steps. We've all got one.

The simple question motivates us to identify what we are good at and what we can do with great ease, to great results. The challenge? Remembering that other people's superpowers are not inherently more important than your own.

The beautiful thing about life - and work - is that we need people with every kind of superpower in order to work well as a group.

So today - just take a moment to write down your superpower and share it with someone special to you (or post it in the Clubhouse as a bit of a public brag). You never know who is looking for someone just like you.


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Want to feel more connected? Consider joining one of our Boss-to-Boss cohorts. These peer networks are designed to foster community in our inherently competitive world.

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