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Working Together

Surge Capacity

Sometimes you just need an extra set of hands to get today's bid out the door. We've got your back.

Every business development team hits that moment—you have a robust pipeline, but not enough people to pursue everything. The Bid Boss team knows this competitive landscape and that it takes a new kind of commitment to win. 


Our team of business development experts helps our clients to mobilize resources and position themselves to win awards from institutional donors, including USAID, USDA, the US State Department, CDC, FCDO, the European Commission, the United Nations, major foundations, and the private sector.

Extra Hands When You Need Them



We can conduct landscape research, manage your capture process, participate in recon trips, and assess the competition.


Lead Writing

We can serve as lead and section writers, bringing donor and technical expertise to complement your decision making.


Specialized Reviews

We can conduct gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) analyses and services as GESI or localization experts adding to your review teams.



We can help your team brainstorm, mock up, and execute beautiful capes, concept papers, proposals, and presentations.


Bid Management

We can slot in to your existing coordination and management roles and bring our own best practices in proposal management.


Cost Support

We can set up templates, gather cost inputs, and facilitate your team toward a complete and compliant cost proposal.



We can conduct donor-compliant developmental and copy editing in a way that prioritizes and emphasizes your win themes.


Orals Prep

We can help your team prepare for and execute compelling oral presentations.

Don't leave your win rate to chance.

At Bid Boss, we try whenever possible to build long-term relationships with clients. This enables us to truly understand their systems, processes, and needs and fully integrate ourselves into their proposal team.


Our small team of dedicated business development professionals has the training and experience to ensure that you have exactly the support you need. We know these folks. We trust their work. We would not recommend them if we didn't. 

Our client on design facilitation.
Our client on proposal management.
Our client on custom training.
Our client on proposal writing.
Our client on design facilitation.
Our client on proposal management.
Our client on retainer support.
Our client on group coaching.
Our client on design facilitation.

At Bid Boss, we prioritize building long-standing relationships with our clients. Many of our clients have been with us since the beginning.

We also know that, when working with some consulting firms, you can't be sure of who you will actually work with for a specific opportunity. Our experienced team members are excited to apply what they know to support your organization with your next proposal.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or schedule a time to talk to get the conversation started about your specific needs.

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