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At Bid Boss, we strive to provide excellent care and support to the individuals and organizations with whom we work, within the limits of available, well-managed time and appropriate professional and personal boundaries.


To accomplish this mission, we work to display the following values in full force:

✨We are all more than our work✨

✨We must continually work to decolonize development✨

✨Imposter syndrome is hella rude✨

✨Community is more important than competition✨

✨Together we can make magic✨

It is our policy and responsibility to provide quality services exceeding the standards of business development whenever possible, with the understanding that a significant portion of the competitive edge comes not from our excellent writing, design, and management, but from our clients' success in implementation and technical expertise.

Privacy & Safety


As Bid Boss, we have a vested interest in supporting all development actors in designing and implementing the highest quality programming possible. It is inevitable that some of our clients will, at times, be collaborators and, at other times, be competitors as partnerships and teaming structures shift.


Given the area in which we work, it is highly likely that we may be supporting competing organizations. All of our consultants are willing and able to sign non-disclosure agreements related to specific funding opportunities or pursuits, and we maintain internal communications firewalls to prevent the transfer of sensitive information between clients or individuals supporting competing clients.

It is our intention to avoid supporting multiple teams pursuing the same competitive funding opportunity in the same country. To that end, we communicate openly with potential clients on discovery calls as soon as we are aware of a potential conflict. As we know that these situations are likely to arise, we maintain a network of friends doing similar work in the development sector and are happy to provide referrals to other service providers when needed.


For individuals seeking one on one coaching services or looking to join one of our Peer Support Networks, we offer all the credit card and bank transfer payment capabilities you can expect using Stripe as our primary payment processor.

For organizations, we are happy to work under retainer agreements, fixed price contracts, or time and materials agreements, depending on the scope of work being performed. Typically, we work with clients to identify the appropriate form of agreement and are happy to work with our client's procurement teams to adapt client contract templates as needed. Unless specifically indicated otherwise, all estimates are exclusive of non-U.S. taxes, exchange rate loss, and/or bank or foreign transaction fees incurred outside of our bank.

For most options, we send invoices monthly using QuickBooks and accept ACH bank transfers or wire transfers for non-U.S. based clients. Unless otherwise indicated, we request payment within 10 days of receipt of invoice. Invoices paid more than 30 days after issue may be subject to a 5% late fee. 

If you are a current client and have any questions regarding billing or payments, please reach out to us at and we will set things right.   

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