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The information and support you need to carry out quality business development. 

Leaders Network

new cohort!

We get that being the leader of a business development team is hard. You're trying to meet ambitious targets, prevent burnout and staff turnover, and strategically pursue the right opportunities. Our newest Peer Support Network is designed just for you.

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Boss-to-Boss Solo & Small Teams Peer Support Network

Our peer support networks offer a unique opportunity to build authentic relationships, right-size proven strategies to fit your organization, and ensure that approaches support your team's well-being.

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An Overview of Color Team Reviews

Building on the industry-leading color teams model for proposal reviews and quality improvement, we've packaged lessons from our work with over 50 agencies on how to adapt the model to the way in which humanitarian or development organizations work.

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Personal Finance for Non-Profit Professionals

Borrowing from the proven expertise of certified financial coach Maggie Germano, this six-week course unpacks the money vs. mission mindset, and provides some building blocks for getting your personal finances in order.

Housed within the Bid Boss Clubhouse and designed by experts from our team, our courses offer real advice and strategies for how to adapt industry standard practices to your specific context.

Stressed Woman

The Boss-to-Boss cohort has been a life raft in the turbulent waters of a pandemic, geopolitical chaos, and the "normal" stress and burnout that come with being a BD maven! 

The Bid Boss team has managed to create an oasis of calm and collaboration amidst the chaos.

Bridget, BD Director and current member of the B2B Solo & Small Teams Network

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