Coaching comes in all shapes and sizes...

  • Individual executive coaching

    Sometimes we all need a little one-on-one time to tackle a new challenge. Work with a certified executive coach to achieve goals which are meaningful to you - whether you're trying to navigate a sticky situation, set better boundaries, or figure out what you want to come next.

  • Connect with peers

    Find a sense of community in the inherently competitive world of business development in the global dev sector through Boss-to-Boss Peer Support Networks. Build authentic connections with peers, share experiences, and gut check your strategies with folks who really get it.

  • Strengthen team morale

    Building a cohesive business development team means drawing on the talents of the people you have. Work with a certified Gallup Certified Strengths coach to help your team reconnect, deepen mutual understanding, and flourish by working together to do more of what they do best.

Why do humanitarian and international development professionals need coaching?

Everyone knows the rhythm of business development work is a challenge. Moving from bid to bid, trying to meet demanding expectations, and suffering from in-built people pleasing tendencies makes it easy to fall into less-than-ideal habits. Breaking that cycle is hard to do on your own.

How does it work?

Working with an individual or team coach starts with identifying the challenges you are working through and goals you'd like to achieve. Whether that's a specific interpersonal issue, a cultural or mindset shift, or simply an accountability buddy, your coach will help you identify and test approaches to help you achieve your goals.

Bid Boss Coaches

Senior Coach and Founding Partner Whitney Kippes

In service of Bid Boss clients in the humanitarian and international development sectors, Whitney Kippes (she/her) leverages her business development, marketing, and coaching skills to empower teams to win more awards and avoid burnout. Whitney has been managing positioning, capture, and proposal processes for business development teams since 2010. With over $12 billion in signed awards from government, multilateral, foundation, and private sector funders, she is well versed in winning complex bids. Since 2020, Whitney has been providing one-on-one coaching to business development teams and individuals. Whitney is the creator and lead facilitator of our Boss-to-Boss Peer Support Networks. She leads Bid Boss's strategic advising services on business development processes and systems and oversees all training development, including custom training programs.

Senior Program Facilitator Jeff Whisenant

Jeff Whisenant (he/him) is a seasoned executive who has led all the major functions of international NGOs. He specializes in strategy, board relations, governance, business development, financial management, operational planning, risk and security management, grant management, operations management, human resources management, and change management. Before joining Bid Boss, Jeff previously served as Interim President and CEO, Executive Vice President, and Chief Financial Officer at Lutheran World Relief; President and CEO at ReSurge International; and Vice President for Programs at Pact. Jeff has led business development efforts for a variety of funders including USAID, the World Bank, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies, Osprey Foundation, and private sector partners.

Senior Instructor and Founding Partner Sara Jane Baublitz

SJ's experience reaches all phases of the business development life cycle. She has over 12 years of experience in the international development sector, where she got her start in relationship management and strategic planning at the organizational level. Leveraging that experience in change management, SJ loves supporting BD teams in developing new processes and systems. SJ has been managing proposals since 2015 with a diverse set of donors, including USAID, USDA, Department of State, EU, FCDO, foundations, and the private sector. She is certified by Shipley Associates in proposal management and proposal writing. SJ is also a trained facilitator and is certified as a Trainer of Trainers by Humentum. She specializes in facilitating technical design workshops and business development trainings, including leading Bid Boss's training team. SJ has led workshops in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. She is also a certified Gallup Strengths Coach and leads strengths-based teambuilding workshops


  • What is executive coaching?

    Coaching is an iterative, interactive process designed to help you make concrete changes to support your goals—both personal and professional. At Bid Boss, we help our coaching clients achieve their goals through powerful conversations that are intended to navigate to the root of challenges, inspire new thinking, and support the achievement of goals.

    Executive coaching can also be offered to staff in support of overall professional development or retention goals. If you would like to provide individual coaching to your top performers, email [email protected] directly.

  • What is the objective of a coaching engagement?

    The objective is entirely set by our clients. Our objective is to help you focus on your potential by leveraging your strengths, uncovering what is getting in your way, and targeting the areas that you are most interested in addressing to help you reach your goals.

  • How long does the coaching engagement last?

    The time frame can vary greatly and depends on a wide range of factors: your goal(s), your commitment and openness to change, your capacity for introspection, your circumstances, how quickly and thoughtfully you complete homework assignments, and other unique factors.

    We have individuals who come in for a very brief engagement (e.g., one mock interview coaching session). We have others who come in focused on one goal, achieve that goal, and begin work on another goal and then another. Individuals and teams who partner with us in multiple capacities and for multiple goals work with us for a year or more.

  • How often would I met with my coach?

    We recommend meeting with your coach once per week or every two weeks. Over many years, we've found that this frequency helps us maintain momentum and make lasting change happen. Meeting once a week offers time for reflection and application of learning between sessions, while maintaining the momentum of our work together.

  • Where do I meet with my coach?

    Individual coaching sessions are all conducted virtually using Zoom or Google Meet to ensure multiple options to connect. At this time, we do not offer in-person coaching for individuals.

    Our Boss-to-Boss Peer Support Networks meet virtually in a private online community and in regularly scheduled Zoom sessions.

    Strengths-based team coaching can be conducted on-site or virtually. Plans for team coaching are best made in close consultation with your coach to ensure that the approach will support your goals.

  • What about confidentiality?

    All individual and group coaching sessions are private to the participants in that session. We fully understand the value of your trust, and we take every measure to safeguard that trust. We will provide information on the ethical code that governs all client-coach relationships we enter. This document lays out our standards, in addition to explaining our mutual commitments and expectations.

  • How much does coaching cost?

    We recommend starting individual coaching (after an initial consultation to confirm your coach is a good fit) with a package of six sessions priced at $1,500. Financial aid and scholarships may be available to those who qualify. If you are interested in financial aid, please contact [email protected].

    Rates for our Boss-to-Boss Peer Support Networks are published online.

    Strengths-based team coaching is priced in collaboration with your organization based on specific needs. Contact [email protected] for more information on strengths-based coaching.