Together with our team of incredible consultants, we bring decades of experience in business development roles at humanitarian and international development organizations. We know our client organizations are navigating an increasingly competitive fundraising environment. Ambitious growth goals are pushing teams to the limit, yet retaining top talent means investing in the long-term health and well-being of diverse global teams.

This problem requires a two-pronged approach: the capture and proposal support to get today's bid out the door and the training and coaching solutions to strengthen your team in the long term.

At Bid Boss, we are committed to providing high-quality consultants who can serve as expert proposal team members, seasoned advisors on strategy and process, and certified trainers and coaches. We may have started as a small but mighty partnership of two, but today the staff members behind the scenes are the ones making all the magic happen for our clients.

Meet the Bosses

Alison LeFew

VP of Wins

Alison gets teams the right people at the right time. She oversees all of our short- and medium-term capture and proposal support projects and leads our internal learning initiatives to improve consultant onboarding and client experiences.

Claire Dewey

Operations Manager

Claire prevents any surprises and keeps you on budget She manages all the behind the scenes contracts and operations tools and systems to ensure projects are organized and on track and everyone gets paid on time.

Jaylene Long-Ortiz

Operations Associate

Jaylene keeps us organized to help your team win more. She ensures that we've got everything in place - from our marketing and operational systems to tech solutions - to keep projects running smoothly behind the scenes.

Sara Jane (SJ) Baublitz

Founding Partner

SJ ensures we have the right people to help your team. She oversees all retainer-based support, as well as matchmaking client needs and consultant expertise, onboarding clients, and management systems.

Whitney Kippes

Founding Partner

Whitney leads efforts to help your team avoid burnout. She keeps her finger on the pulse of client needs to identify solutions and create new Bid Boss offerings and programs to meet to those needs.

Bosses who have each other's backs.

Our team of consultants is constantly growing as our clients bring forward more and varied needs for support. We love to talk to individuals who are passionate about improving global development through better program design and business development.

Consulting Opportunities

Bid Boss is recruiting for the following core skill sets for short- and long-term assignments supporting our humanitarian and international development clients.

  • Proposal Coordinators

    Organizational mavens who can project manage anything, ideally with Shipley familiarity and hands-on experience coordinating and managing proposals to our key funders.

    Requires 3+ years on a new business team at an INGO


  • Cost Proposal Specialists

    Cost proposal queens or kings with substantive hands-on experience with USAID, CDC, GCDO, USDA, DOS, or foundation cost, pricing, and budget development.

    Requires 5+ years on a cost/pricing team at an INGO


  • Lead Technical Writers

    Persuasive technical writers who know exactly how to sell a program idea to USAID, FCDO, CDC, or other funders (and how to get the inputs they need!).

    Requires 5+ years writing proposals to institutional funders


Benefits of working on the Bid Boss team include:

  • No client invoicing or follow-up needed!
  • Competitive rates based on experience
  • Consistent biweekly pay schedule
  • Flexibility to work when and where you want, including consistent part-time work
  • The team! Your sounding board and collaborators all a Slack message away
  • Tools, resources, and lessons learned about our clients at the ready
  • Opportunities to share your expertise in the Clubhouse or on our blog
  • Early access to courses and training

Bid Boss is dedicated to recruiting and retaining a diverse mix of consultants who are representative of the communities in which we and so many of our clients work. We encourage all applicants to fight any welling imposter syndrome and apply.

Some kind words from our team...

"I’ve been on for about a month, and I can’t say enough good things about working with Bid Boss! The transition from employee at an organization to full-time consulting is scary, but working with Bid Boss confirmed I made the right choice!"

"I’m so proud to be a part of Bid Boss. I work with outstanding professionals who bring talent, experience, and commitment to our clients and to each other."

"Bid Boss's team-based model provides clients with access to fit-for-purpose talent while offering its consultants a 'home base' to leverage their strengths, grow professionally, and achieve work-life balance. Not least, the founders lead with compassion and inclusivity to deliver quality to the international development BD community, which is refreshing in this industry."

"Bid Boss is the ultimate collaborative team! Having an amazing pool of talented professionals to work with is a dream. Being able to leverage our strengths through a team approach helps us get real results and provide winning support for our clients."

"Bid Boss makes business development a more enjoyable and rewarding experience for teams seeking our support as well as for our team of consultants. Working together with clients through our collaborative, team-based approach has proven to be a win for all involved."

"I’ve enjoyed working with and learning from a talented group. Also, Whitney and SJ have been amazing resources/support and are always available to help with clients."