Business Development Consulting

Helping you win more & avoid burnout


Take a step back and see what business development support your organization needs to sustain long-term impact. Stop focusing on the proposal fire right in front of you. Simply hiring another consultant to fill the gap isn't going to solve the long term problem. SJ and Whitney are on a mission to help organizations break old patterns which result in lost efficiency at best and a season of losses, high turnover, and burnout at worst.

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Get Proposal Support

Every business development team needs surge support from time to time. Whether it's proposal managers, technical writers, or expert reviewers, we all have needs. If you've struggled in the past to find the right consultant fit, working with Bid Boss might be right for you! 

Learn & Practice Skills

When you move from bid to bid it can be difficult to take time out to build the capacity of your team. Between soft skills coaching and training, we can help you get there. Want a sample before you commit to something more? You can always learn a lot from our blog. 

Join A Community

Working in business development is not easy. Between cycles of feast or famine and the pressures of managing up and across on tight deadlines, everyone inches toward burnout. You are not alone. Join the Clubhouse and get access to a supportive, non-judgmental, and inclusive community to help you reach your goals.

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Bid Boss is very clear in their communication and coordination from the get-go! I really appreciate that they establish a well structured process for carrying out their deliverables and are always checking in to make sure they are on the right track.

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